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Working Groups

Working Groups are forums for presenting papers that are not associated with any of the Special Workshops. To ensure adequate discussion time, papers should be submitted in advance, to be put on the Congress website, so that other participants can read them before the meeting. This will permit individual presenters to summarise their papers at the session, and get considered discussion from their audience.

Abstracts and papers will be accepted on the basis of peer review of the Host Committee.

The acceptance of abstracts will be communicated to the author within 15 days after submission.

Abstracts accepted for ivr2017 Istanbul will be accepted in Lisbon if submitted by May 15, 2017.

Each author should not submit more than 2 abstracts (including abstracts for special workshops).

Abstracts for the Working Groups:

Submission deadline: May 15, 2017


(Provisional list. The definitive one will be published on June 1)

Law, politis and society
WG 1. Law and society. Sociology of law.
WG 2. Law and religion.
WG 3 Law and culture. Pluralism and law. Multiculturalism.
WG 4. Theory of state.
WG 5. Politics and Law.
WG 6. War and ethics. Terrorism.
WG 7. Globalization.
WG 8. Migrations.
WG 9. New technologies. Artificial inteligence. Robotics and law.

Rule of law, human rights, democracy, justice
WG 10. Rule of law.
WG 11. Human rights in ethics and in the law: general issues. Human dignity 
WG 12. Human rights: special issues.
WG.13. Theory of democracy.
WG 14. Democracy: special issues.
WG 15. Theory of justice.
WG 16. Global justice.
WG 17. Equality.
WG 18. Sexual orientation and gender.

Ethics and law, philosophy of parts of law, bioethics
WG 19 Ethics and law. Legal positivism. Objectivity, values and law.
WG 20. Republicanism, constitutionalism.
WG 21. Judicial system and constitution.
WG 22. Law and economics. Regulation. Nudges.
WG 23. Philosophy of private law.
WG 24. Philosophy of criminal law. Torture. Criminal law and enemy.
WG 25. Philosophy of international law.
WG 26. Bioethics.
WG. 27. Law and medicine.
WG 28. Abortion.
WG 29. Death and euthanasia.
WG 30. Animal rights.
WG 31. Law and environment.

Logical and epistemological issues
WG 32. Logic and law. Deontic logic.
WG 33. Theory of norms. Rules and principles. Sources of law. Legal system.
WG 34. Judicial decision.
WG 35. Legal science. Jurisprudence.
WG 36. Hermeneutics and legal interpretation.
WG 37. Legal rhetoric. Legal argumentation.
WG 38. Legal semiotics.
WG 39. Law and literature.
WG 40. Law and arts.
WG 41. Law and education. Legal education. Academic freedom.

History of philosophy of law and of political philosophy
WG 42. Greek and roman philosophy. Plato. Aristotle.
WG 43. Medieval and modern philosophy. Natural law. Hobbes. Bentham. Kant.
WG 44. XIX century legal and political philosophy. German idealism. Marx and Marxism.
WG 45. XX century legal theory. Kelsen. Rawls. Ross. Hart. Raz. Dworkin. Alexy.
WG 46. XX century social and political philosophy. Schmitt. Arendt. Luhmann. Habermas. Honneth.
WG. 47. Oriental philosophy.







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